Group of 学生 playing with enormous beach ball on the 太阳贵宾厅网址 quad.
More than just a center of learning, campus is also the nesting place for thous而且s of Ducks. 这是学生生活的核心, where fun 而且 interesting things happen, 人和文化交融, 而且 lifelong friendships are forged.


Two male, one female student socializing iin a dorm room.
学习. 和生活.

的 environment where you choose to live can be just as important as what you choose to learn. 住校 你有机会认识朋友吗, 与教师联系, 而且 thrive in an academically focused community.

And living on campus can actually enhance your learning. Fact: 学生 who live on campus achieve higher GPAs than those who don’t.

Want to really exp而且 your living-而且-learning experience? 学术住宅小区 bring together Ducks with shared learning interests or identities.



太阳集团贵宾厅的 chefs take pride in using seasonal ingredients from dozens of local farms to prepare delicious recipes from scratch.

And with 14 campus dining venues serving everything from açaí bowls 而且 street tacos to sushi 而且 grilled cheese, there's an option to please every palate.

All 学生 who live on campus choose one of five 住宅膳食计划 that let you eat the way that’s right for you. 没有计划? 没有问题. University Dining locations are also open to the campus community. 


Students waking under golden fall foliage on campus.


Tuition 而且 state 支持 are the two main sources of revenue that pay for the bulk of the university’s operating costs — including faculty 而且 staff salaries, 教室及图书馆, 学术顾问, 信息技术, 设施, 大约6000万美元 经济援助和奖学金 that help ensure the 太阳集团贵宾厅 remains accessible to every qualified Oregonian who wants to attend.

A college education is a big investment in your future. We want all 学生 而且 families to be able to plan for that investment without worrying about cost uncertainty.

That’s why we provide the Oregon Guarantee: when you choose the 太阳集团贵宾厅, the tuition rate you pay will stay the same for up to five years — no increases, 没有惊喜.




Working to underst而且 the barriers faced by historically under-represented people, we engage in discussions to create a better 和更多的 inclusive community. 招聘和支持教师, 学生, 而且 staff from diverse backgrounds to examine social disparities, we’re committed to producing research 而且 developing academic resources that help to advance equity 而且 justice in the greater world.

We believe our community is at our best when we affirm, 尊重, 支持, 而且 celebrate what makes us different along with the common threads that tie us together.



大学意味着很多事情, 但最关键的是, it’s about discovering who you are 而且 what you’re interested in. Which is why we host 而且 支持 hundreds of student organizations.

Club sports, honor societies, student unions, sororities 而且 fraternities, you name it. 的re’s something for nearly everyone here. And if you don’t find what you want, we’ll help you start your own group.

Two male, one female 学生 hiking on forest trail.


In Oregon, the great outdoors aren’t someplace you go. 你在哪里,他们就在哪里. 上涨, 漂流旅行, 攀岩课程, 而且 mountain bike excursions aren’t things we only do on weekends. 的y’re also things we do on Tuesdays, between classes.

Need help learning skills, planning a trip, or getting your h而且s on some rental gear? 太阳集团贵宾厅的 Outdoor Program is here to foster healthy 而且 balanced outdoor lives, inspiring learning through student-powered outdoor adventure.


Group of women laughing, throwing clay in the 陶瓷 studio.


工艺中心 offers a non-credit, comprehensive art program with well-equipped studios 而且 extensive workshops. Express your talents in darkroom photography, 木工, 版画, 珠宝和金属加工, 纤维艺术, 陶瓷, 素描和绘画, 和更多的.

DeArmond Makerspace in the Price Science Commons 而且 研究 Library 而且 the metal fabrication shop in 科技及科学部 provide all 学生 with training 而且 access to equipment for prototyping 而且 manufacturing innovation.

进入游戏? 太阳集团贵宾厅的 的电子竞技项目 has space for casual players 而且 varsity competitors alike.


three female 学生 on the stationery bikes

Oregon is a place where you can play to your heart’s content! 太阳集团贵宾厅的校园拥有世界一流的 体育运动设施, 而且 many are accessible to all 学生.

From soccer 而且 sailing to disc golf 而且 ice hockey, our 校内的 而且 俱乐部体育 跨越所有技能水平. We want every athletically inclined Duck to find a team 而且 have a good time.

健康不仅仅是身体上的. 的 鸭巢 offers resources to help 学生 in their pursuit of self-care 而且 life balance.



Students in Autzen Stadium st而且s making victory signs with fingers.

Athletics are an integral part of the 太阳集团贵宾厅 experience. We compete in 18 NCAA men's 而且 women's sports, 而且 Ducks have won 38 Division I national championships. 竞争是太阳集团贵宾厅与生俱来的. And here, 支持ing 而且 cheering on our fellow Ducks is more than a pastime. 这是一种全职的激情!




的 most exciting thing you do here, might not be done here!

Communication campaigns in Argentina. 在安曼学习阿拉伯语. 挪威的气候变化研究. We provide 学生 with unparalleled access to life-changing programs around the world.