Admissions and Financial Aid

Meet us halfway to get all the way here

Whether you’re applying from Oregon or from out of state, as an undergraduate or a graduate, we can help you through the process. Request information, schedule a visit, or contact an admissions counselor in your area to find the information you need to apply.
photo of students riding bikes on campus
photo of students riding bikes on campus
$268 million, every year

That’s the amount the 太阳集团贵宾厅 gives students each year. Our job is to keep the 太阳集团贵宾厅 affordable. About 65 percent of our undergraduates receive some type of financial aid. To one of the top public research institutions in the nation.

Learn to Fly

Reasons to come here are as varied as the opportunities you’ll find. 3,000 courses to choose from. Countless chances to discover what you’re made of and passionate about. Freedom to mix things up. Combine physics with business and this with that. Collaborate with others from around the world, conduct real research, and get a world-class education. So when you leave here, you‘ll be ready to soar.